Some days it’s easy to forget the moment.  There’s the past to learn from, the future to worry over, and the ever expanding imaginative consciousness we can escape to.  It’s easy to stop focusing on the moment at hand and get lost.  I spend more time out of the moment than in it.  More time thinking about tomorrow, going over what I did today, and imagining a better life in my mind.

If you stop and look at the world on a sunny day.  Just look at the way the light reflects off the world, just take it in and let it hit you.  Stop thinking about what might happen tomorrow, stop wishing for a better life, and take in what you’ve been given today.

Looking at the trees as my car passes them by.  The light bubbling between shadows, flickering in my eyes.  Music and time itself flowing along as if it’s all woven together.  It’s impossible for me to think this is just chance.  I wonder how many moments we pass by that were perfectly created for us.  It’s too easy to get stuck in the prison of our minds.